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At Eco Workshop, we bring the power of technology to elevate your design experience through 3D modelling. Our advanced 3D modelling software offers a remarkable virtual tour of your future home, providing you with a clear and vivid visualization of the design. We use only the best 3D modelling software, including cad software for home design, ensuring realistic results for you to make informed decisions.

With the convenience of our innovative 3D walk-through house plan software, we can direct you to a website where you can download the application for free. Once installed, you can open the 3D model file and embark on an immersive journey through your dream home.


Our 3D virtual tours unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to visualize every detail and make informed decisions as you walk through your house in a virtual environment. This interactive experience empowers you to see the design come to life, giving you a real sense of the spaces and how they will flow together.

Whether you want to explore different design options, experiment with color schemes, or make structural changes, our 3D modelling offers the flexibility to visualize and refine your ideas in real-time.The virtual tour provides an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with our team, making it easier to discuss design changes, address concerns, and ensure that the final design aligns perfectly with your vision.


At Eco Workshop, we are dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to enhance your architectural journey. Our 3D modelling brings clarity, excitement, and confidence to the design process, ensuring that your dream home is visualized and perfected before construction even begins. Step into your vision with our immersive 3D virtual tours, where innovation meets design to create spaces that resonate with your dreams.

Contact our Dunedin-based architectural design and drafting team today and discover endless possibilities using the best 3D modelling software.

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